Paros beach guide

Paros beach guide

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Best Beaches in Paros

With its cosmopolitan spirit and authentic chic character, Paros Island’s beautiful beaches attract each year thousands of travelers, turning Paros into a must holidays destination in Greece. The best beaches in Paros, including small quiet coves and busy sandy beaches organized or not, promise to captivate and seduce you. Besides, Paros Island is well known for its busy and popular beaches such as Punda Beach, Golden Beach and Kolimbithres Beach featuring vibrating beach bars and modern facilities. Our Paros beach guide caters for every taste.

Santa Maria

It is in the Eastern coast of island near Naoussa and includes many sandy beaches. There are many facilities such as camping, beach volley and a windsurfing school. You can go there by car or by boat. A beach bar that plays music and offers cocktails is there to keep you company. The music is mostly lounge or chill out music so don’t worry if you are not into loud party music.

Golden Beach

It is one of the most famous beaches of Paros in the south-east part and you can visit it by bus or by car. It is a very long and wide sandy beach, with spotless waters. It became famous because it offers ideal weather conditions for windsurfing and kite surfing. Here every summer the World Cup of Professional Windsurfing takes place and for this reason it is well organized.


Punda Beach is one of the most famous and most crowded beaches of Paros and reminds of the Paradise Beach in Mykonos. It is a fully organized beach located 2 kilometres from Logaras (south east of Parikia) which offers a big tourist complex with many interesting facilities such as swimming pools, restaurants, bars, shops, sea sports material, bungee jumping, etc. Most of the visitors are going to Punda for its various beach facilities and for its loud music and endless parties. To get to the beach you have to pass through the bar area with the swimming pool in the middle. If you want to use the loungers then you are expected to buy a drink from one of the bars behind them. The beach itself is quite straight and about 250m long.


Kolymbithres is perhaps the most famous beach in Paros because of its interesting geology. The granite rock formations are millions of years old and have created a unique scenery that could easily make a film set location for a sci-fi movie. You can reach Kolymbithres by the main road, it is a short drive from Naoussa.

Ai Yannis/Monastiri

Ai Yannis, also known as Monastiri, is a sophisticated, organized beach that is located on the west of Naoussa. A more laid back option, this romantic bay is encompassed by gorgeous natural landscape and beautiful green waters. Every year from June until September, the local park’s annual festival takes place and offers a variety of moonlight concerts, outdoor cinema films and events, all literally within a few steps from the beach.


Logaras beach is located in the south of Paros Greece, 20 km away from the island’s capital, Parikia. Logaras beach is situated a couple of Km away from the village of Piso Livadi. Logaras is a long sandy beach. It is surrounded by bars and hotels. It is a medium size beach while the sand is rather stony.


Ambelas is a small yet lovely fishing village located 12,5 km far from Paros town and 5km from Naoussa. It has a small sandy beach where all the fishing boats come to. Mostly famous for the fishing port and the delicious fish taverns, Ambelas is a nice alternative if you don’t want to stay in the busy town of Naoussa. The water is crystal clear and safe for the children. It is not an organized beach but it is a nice place for those who prefer the tranquil locations. The sea front taverns and the traditional restaurants offer some of the greatest fish food on Paros.

Agia Irini

It is a small sandy beach south-west of Parikia. The palm trees make this bay particularly scenic. It is a beach to relax far from the trouble and the crowd. Certainly worth visiting although you may have to walk a bit from where the nearest bus stop is.


Snorkeling or just sunbathing among the rocks, Piperi beach is Naoussa’s most important beach and it is just about 50 meters walk from the main road leading to the center of the town and about 250 meters from Naoussa’s main fishing port. It is a tiny yet scenic beach and is really perfect for swimming, scuba diving and even fishing with a view of Naoussa and its bay at a distance. It is about 350 meters from the town of Parikia with its eateries and bars. One can catch a glimpse of the hillside from the Piperi Beach, which is quite stunning. Piperi Beach is sometimes classified into the Megalo and Mikro Piperi (large and small beach). Both beaches are sandy and have crystal water.


At the tip of a nearby peninsula stands Molos, a breathtakingly stunning and convenient beach near the beautiful inland villages of Marpissa and Marmara, where there are rooms to spare. Beware though, because this beach does get crowded.

Paros island - Cyclades, Greece

Aura Tsimbros Studios

Aura studios are privileged located at 17 km away from the island’s port and airport, next to the picturesque Piso Livadi and the cosmopolitan Punda Beach. The studios are only a 10 minute drive away from Naoussa. Our studios, which are surrounded by a beautiful garden, provide elegant and home-style accommodation with a unique view in the Cycladic landscape.

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